Mexican Traditions

The Mexican philosophy of life is one that many European citizens envy. 

Away from the stress, surrounded by the rich tradition, the beautiful landscapes and incredible history you can relax between people who welcome you with everything they have.

From this philosophy, we started to visit these people and have become immersed in traditional Mexican art.

Irrevocably you will end up with the well-known Catrina, the personification of Dias de los Muertos. 

The Mexican feast to honor the deceased loved ones.

Catrina’s are the ultimate expression of this. 

They are painted women decorated with flowers, beautiful colors, that travel through the streets of the Mexican villages.

Not like with us, traditionally with chrysanthemums in the cemetery. 

Deceased family members are remembered in an intimate circle, it is a moment to feel connected to the people we miss. Their music, their favorite food is consumed, their music is heard through the speakers in the villages.

Photos are placed on an altar surrounded with flowers and gifts …

These actions, according to tradition, open the path for the dead to the world of the living, a unique way to be together. The animated film Coco by Pixar beautifully portrays this tradition.

We Europeans are coming more and more to the conclusion that All Saints does not only serve to mourn.