The Artist


At 30 years young, I am the youngest of 9 children, born in Tonalá, Jalisco, Mexico.

I was ten years old when my attention and passion for art started,

Years later I graduated in psychology and psychoanalysis.

Thanks to my best friend, my neighbor, an eccentric artist, I got fascinated how he made a beautiful piece of

wood or metal from his mind without any plans or drawings.

A few years passed and I started my own gallery.

At first, I was more like a manager but as time passed by I was more and more interested in art.

I picked up the brush and a blank canvas and used it as a therapy in stressfull moments

Yet I tried the art academy but thought this was nothing for me, I didn’t want to be mainstream as I had a
specific creative mind.

I was teached in my gallery from my friends who were artists, so I became an autodidactic artist.

Painting means freedom for me!

I lets fade away all stress and negative thoughts, it motivates me to see how I can help people to be happy with
the work I do for them.

This will always be my main motivator, seeing people happy !

I hope you enjoy my work in Belgium or all over the world.