What can we do for you

  • We sell unique Mexican Art :
    The artwork we sell is handcrafted in Mexico. Our artist will not create identical works. Each time he will put his emotions of that day into the paintings or sculptures. This makes it a unique eyecatcher for your interior, art that you will not see in another home.
  • We provide solutions & Services for your interior :
    Mexican Art lovers will guide you when decorating your living or workspace. We think out of the box and offer unique decoration and furniture for each setting.
    You can invest in art on your own pace and budget. Rent Your Interior gives you the choice to own the art or renew your decoration
  • We offer a unique setting :
    where you can organize workshops (watch & learn), brainstorm sessions, meetings out of the daily “office environment”. Our Art home is designed to offer customers a balanced and flexible place where they can get in touch with their peers. In this classy surrounding, Mexican Art Lovers will offerall facilities needed for your meeting, get together or workshop. We also will provide a place to eat and sleep in the same building. Just contact us for more info.
  • You can’t make it to our Art home? No worries, we’ll bring it to you ! Mexican Art Lovers can:
  • Organize Vernissage @ home
  • Decorate your booth @ expositions and events
  • Host small meetings (max 30 p) incl. street food catering and decoration “Mexican Styled”
  • Give advise for office decoration
  • Linea Catrina :
    The dia de los muertos classic, paintings of women dressed up with flowers, colourfull clothing, specific make-up. Representing their loved ones and opening a “bridge” to the world of the living on November first each year.
  • Linea Safari :
    Unique paintings of the most powerful beasts in the animal kingdom. Each animal represents a human strength. Their eyes represent the emotions of the artist the day they where paintend. The colours used can be adapted to best fit for your interior giving it a wonderful extra dimension.
  • Linea Realismo “ World Icons” :
    This is a series of paintings that represents men and women which were important to the world’s history. Just think of Einstein, Jim Morrison, Frida Kalho, Malcolm X. They gave our society an identity and will be remembered for eternity.
  • Linea Calavera :
    Our Mexican skull line is designed for those who understand the meaning of Sugar Skulls, they are not creepy at all, they represent Dia de Los Muertos in it’s purest form.

    A sugar skull is decorated with flowers, pearls and bright (or dark) colors and are accessible for everyone. Just contact us for your ideal color combination or come and see them in our Gallery.

Epoxy Skull Black Red
  • Art on demand :
    Together with our customers we organize brainstorm sessions to create their own specific painting. No matter what a customer likes, in no matter what size, we can do it. Each time we will add the typical mexican touch and style to it. We can put the customer’s identity and passion in a painting.