Elementor #22

Mexican Art lovers was born in the hot summer of 2018.

We are two couples sharing the same passion.

Angelica “Angie” is Mexican and married to Tom.

Anja, Tom’s aunt, and her partner Christophe were invited to a nice BBQ @ Angie and Tom’s place.

While listening to tropical music , drinking some tequila & enjoying the summervibe, Anja looked up and saw an
incredible artwork in their house. It was A Catrina (as shown on the foto above).

We ran upstairs and immediately fell in love with it. 

We contacted the artist, aka Tons and  invited him to Belgium to sit together and discuss Mexican Art Lovers.

Some weeks passed, we realized that the feedback we got on this art was so positive that we needed to share this
with the world.

We started brainstorming, got even more enthousiastic and decided to give it a try. But how?

Our first step was “ Vernissage @ home “ 

A small step for potential customers but a giant leap for us. We didn’t have too
much expectations but at the same time we realized that we had to go through
with this.

A few months and a very “amusing” BBQ later we participated @ Tattoo Art & Fashion Ghent.  

And again, thanks to our motivation and positive spirit we managed to build and expand our customer base. Which we are
still doing at this very moment.

In short, thanks to a mutual passion for Mexico and Art we are ready now to advise you in Art and to create a
long lasting relationship.

Ready to share our passion? Contact us, you will not regret it.